Nervous about starting TXVA on Monday!

This is going to be the first time that one of my kids will be doing the online schooling. I think that it will be a great learning experience for both my son and myself. The way that we are doing it, I understand that I will be a learning coach that will be helping him through out each day.

This is going to be challenging in a few ways but, I know that it will be a good challenge for all of us. At least I am a work at home mom so even if I am here working, during my slow times I can make sure that he's doing good and help him when needed. Otherwise it would be a bigger deal if I was at an "office" working and not able to get up and check on him through out the day etc.

We are expecting two boxes of combined over 50 lbs of school supplies!! Kinda scary when I sit there and think about it! But I am one of those moms that love school stuff and learning and always have notebooks and all that stuff least for the most part!

Then the next day we're expecting the computer, printer and accessories. The box with the computer and accessories weighs only 9 lbs and the printer one weighs 11 lbs so I'm thinking that it might be a laptop instead of the desktop like I originally thought it was going to be. I don't know how a monitor and a hard drive combined would weigh 9 lbs unless it was a laptop? So we will see Friday!! Cutting it close considering we start school Monday!

I'm hoping that this experience goes smooth for us since it started out a bit on the rough side being that I did the application and turned things in back in the beginning/mid of August when we realized that we were going to give the online schooling a chance. And I wasn't the only one that was having issues with them and getting and accepting the of the issues was because they didn't read that it was a TWO page document and it clearly had page 1 of 2 at the top but they didn't pay attention to that so that was a rough of the few that we had to get through! Not horrible but bad enough that its over a month...month and a half that he's just now starting!

The good thing is that we are on the right track now and I really hope that it helps him and he likes it. He's a very bright, talented and smart young man so hopefully we can keep that motivation going. He's soon to be 15 in 3 weeks or so, so its going to be a challenge that he's a teens for one and that its home schooling online will be another one..thank goodness he's back on a normal sleeping schedule!! He has a tendency of wanting to stay up half the night and sleep in half the day!

Hopefully we can do good and keep this going in a positive and motivating way!

Any of you moms out there that home-school and or do the online schooling, if you have any tips etc, please feel free to share. I am ready to take it all in!!


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