Trip to Vegas - the Strip

So our first FULL day there, me and my best friend Lori caught the bus from downtown and went to the strip. We stopped at the Luxor first for our free lunch and then our free lunch :) Gotta say that the game MyVegas on facebook really really pays off!! That is how we each had a free lunch and then a free Strawberry Margarita afterwards! We each turned in our "myVegas points" and got our lunch and drink free.

Then we hopped back on the bus and headed down to Planet Hollywood since neither of us had ever been there before...It was okay..didn't win anything there but it was a cool..I saw this sign in the middle of the casino...not sure why it was there or what it was for..but I thought it was interesting so I took a pic of it.

Hmm, well the pic I was talking about, its on my instagram as well..hmm I really have to figure out how to save them...I right click on it and it says save as but it doesn't come up as jpeg as a choice...only web page and html or something..

Figured it out....

Still not sure lol why they had that sign in the middle of the casino! LOL..couldn't resist but to take a pic of it..
And here is a pic of Chef Ramsey's Burger place in Caesar's

His Burger place inside Planet Hollywood.


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