Trip to Vegas - Golden Nugget

When we were in Vegas last week, we stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget. For the most part it was a good trip. This was my third trip to Vegas. We got the 2 free coupon books that had a few coupons in them that we used, like the free drink and the buy one get one buffet. Those came in handy. Also enjoyed the match play and a few others that came in handy while staying there.

Our room was very nice. It took a couple of nights to figure out the remote to the tv!! LOL I let her dad handle the remote! There was a good view out of our window to where we could see some nice mountains in the background and I like the views like that, so that was nice.

Here are some pics of our room

This hotel also had the cool pool with the shark tank in it. They had a water slide going through the shark tank which was pretty cool and it was super fun to watch people go down it...I didn't go down it, too chicken!! LOL! I was doing good to actually be out in public at the hotel in the swimming pool in my bathing suit!!! I don't like going to public pools in my bathing so that was a first and probably a last for me but, it wasn't all that bad..I meant to get more and closer pics of the tank but I didn't end up doing it! So here are a few that I took that aren't the best, but its what I got...

Okay, didn't realize but just found out that I can't take the pics off of instagram and save them as pics..hmm well if you can, I haven't figured it out here is my Instagram where you can view pics of my trip to Vegas. I took quite a few, so feel free to check them out.

Figured it out off of FB...


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