Working at home in the summertime

Hey there everyone, I am still a stay at home and work at home mom and love working at home as a csr. I am a customer service rep. I have a great job that is an Ind. Contract job. Its still a job and its legit. I work the phones and I get paid weekly.

I have been working for this company for a few months now and I really like it. I like working customer service instead of something like telemarketing because I'm not really that great at getting people to buy things at all! I like it when I can just help them with the account and not have to try to sale them something that they don't want or need, especially in this economy!

Working at home in the summertime with the kids home 24/7 is challenging but I still enjoy it and get work done. Just takes a lot of patience and also you have to get in that mind frame that regardless if the kids are home or not you still have to work and get money coming in.

With my kids they are now all older and teenagers so I don't have an issue of them being loud usually. But when I first started working at home they were a lot younger and we had our moments but they grew to where they would understand that I'm working and not to be loud while I had my door shut taking calls. 

I have been working here at home for over 12 years. I love working at home and wouldn't change it for the world!!

Have a great week everyone.


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