The Winner Is

I have a complete LOVE for music!! I can't get anything done if I don't have music...So after the Voice earlier tonight .. still rooting for Adam's girl Amber :) I also watched the new show that is coming on called... The Winner is..

I loved it!! I think that some of them was absolutely NUTS for walking away and not taking the money. I mean really?? I would of taken it but I love the show and how its done I think that its cool that they are voted on by the 101 group and how they choose the winner I really like that. I would SO love to be a part of that!

I absolutely love music and don't just love one genre I love the 70's, 80's, I like the big hair bands my fave of course Bon Jovi and I love the earlier country music and a big mixture of more then just that. I liked the songs that was on the show tonight and I am happy that I got to watch it and that it looks like a pretty cool new show to watch.


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