Something interesting I came across...Thank you Magical Mystical Mimi :)

So I was going around and reading some of the blogs that I follow and happen to stumble upon one of my followers Magical Mystical Mimi and saw a few cool blogs on hers and thought ok where in the world did she think about blogging about those things? Which got me looking around and I found this NaBloPoMo writing prompts so I thought I would check it out and I think that I will try to do these blogs each day too to keep me up and going more and more. Especially like nights like tonight where I am in a really bloggy mood!! hehe :)


  1. Cool, thanks, I'm going to check it out also:)

  2. Hey! Yay you!! I post a link/picture on the right side bar so you can just click on that. :)

    Welcome! I look forward to your posts!


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