Blog Dare - Day 5 in March - What I never leave behind on a road trip....

What I never leave behind on a road trip...well that is a super duper easy camera!! I can't go anywhere without my camera! I am determined to get me a much better one then I have right now even though I have a pretty good one but I am determined to get me one where I have a bigger better one and if I want to use a different lens and all that I can etc. I like the one that I have now, its good but I want better and hopefully by Christmas I will get it!
I am a photo addict!! LOL..if there is such a thing! I love pictures..and these days I have been taking them every chance that I get and want to keep taking more and more .....So yes I can't leave on a road trip without a camera...oh and extra batteries and these days my laptop to upload the pics on so that I can delete them off of the cam and take more and more!! LOL...yep love it!
Hoping to go on a road trip to Graceland soon..we will see...Have a great week everyone


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