Mar 21, 2008

Almost Friday again!!

    Good evening So today went by really fast. I really can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday again! I swear it doesn't seem like a week has gone by yet. And in the next couple of days is Easter already?? Weird. I can't believe that its this early this year. I remember it coming on the 8th of April b/c thats one of my cousins birthdays and I remember it being on the 16th of April b/c that is my daughter and a friend of mines birthdays but I don't ever remember it being this early in the year. Funny and strange how those things work out like they do.
    So lets see what else is going on. Not to much around here. Talked or well e-mailed one of my friends that I haven't talked to in a little while on yahoo today, didn't message him, he e-mailed me and went from there. It was nice hearing from him and knowing that hes alright. Good to hear from him, hes doing great, moving on from things in the past and having a great life. I am so happy for him, he deserves to be happy. Good luck to him and his new woman :)
    I hope that all my friends are doing great and having a wonderful week. We don't have any plans or well any "big" plans for Easter. Just staying home, if its nice, I might take the kids to the park or something otherwise nothing special. If my grandmother was closer we would of probably of went over to her house and my aunts like we used to but now since were all spread out all over the place, we just don't get together that much. Maybe once a year if that. My mom mentioned yesterday when she called something about going to the Wildlife Refuge for my daughter's birthday but I don't know if we can or will. Its nothing set in stone yet and with the gas prices and things, just don't know yet. If the gas keeps going up thats gonna suck for people like us that live from one paycheck to the next, or at least for now we do. That should soon and will soon change. I am doing the best that I can for the family and I don't want to continue telling my kids no to school year books etc b/c it costs to much. Jared already missed out on the chance to buy a year book at his school but the damn things were $70 each!!!!!! I have NEVER ever had to pay more then I think maybe $30 at the highest but double that and then some...NO WAY! He acted like he didn't care to much about it, but I know that it sucks not being able to get one but dammit for that price they should have color everything in it and coupons and things to I mean GOOD LORD! I don't really think that to many people are goign to spend $70 on a freaking year book. I will get him one next year, just save up the money for it or he can work and pay for it. That was just a little to steep for me. Hell thats the water bill and some left over!! Or well since our water bill doubled this month, thats the phone bill with 2 lines and then some left over!!! Ridiculous!
    I want him to get out this summer and go mow lawns and make him some money. I hope that he wants to get up and out there and do it. I think that hes for the most part, shy like I am at first and wants to do it but just can't go out there and door to door asking so him and his buddy that have been hanging out, I bet that they two can go out and go to houses and do the lawns and make some money for the both of them. Hes a good kid. I can't believe that in 10 days my baby is going to be 15 years old!!!! Where the heck has time gone??
    Anyway, this year is just freaking flying by...Hope that you all stay safe and have a great night and Friday/weekend...hugs

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