Voting by Mail - my thoughts

So I just wanted to share my thoughts on this because it is a good discussion to be had about it. No matter what side you are on doesn't matter, you need to look at the data and proof that is out there that shows there is literally crap evidence that there was, is, or ever will be fraud when it comes to voting by mail.

The thing of it is, what do you think that people did back in the old days? When people didn't have a way to get to the polling places and when there was other things going on in the country I am pretty sure that voting by mail was a thing. This isn't a new thing!

And the craziest part of this to me is the fact that the man-child in the oval can sit there and claim fraud blah blah blah yet he has literally no proof of it! He then says oh yea I'm here in DC but I voted by mail for the FL what the hell?? So it's okay for you to vote and your wife and family and even the VP and his wife and others in his admin to vote by mail but yet he doesn't want anyone else to have that right or chance or option to? 

I have gone and stood in lines for hours to vote in the past and really had no issues with doing so however this year is different and since I have the option to do the absentee vote I will be doing that.

Everyone should have the option and there shouldn't be a way for that numskull to put someone in charge like he has of the post office and make it to where they are not allowed to do overtime and not allowed to get the work done that needs to be done, instead, they are putting it off and getting behind and that will surely put the voting behind...that is what he is hoping for, well in some cases that might be the case but it won't be the case everywhere. I am sure that there are people that will be going and helping out and get the mail where it needs to go and take care of and will try not to get it delayed.

He actually has stated and no I don't believe he was joking about it when he has stated that he would see about putting off the election until the is pandemic is over....Yeah, well I see it this way if you would have done your job to begin with we wouldn't be in the situation that we are in right now!

If he would have taken it seriously, if he would have listened to people that know what they are talking about and if he would have actually given a damn about anyone besides himself we wouldn't' be in this situation!

Other countries have/are going through the same thing yet other countries have also taken care of there citizens, unlike the US! 

Countries like Canada who has someone that is a grown-up and is responsible and knows what it takes to be a leader put a plan into motion and took care of its citizens first and foremost not sit on there hands and play the wait and see game like the US government did! I admire the leader of that country and others for taking care of the people and putting their safety and well being first and foremost, something this country needs to take lessons from!

Where ever you are in the world, stay safe!

Love & Hugs always from Lisa your Queen of Random

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