Monday random thoughts

            Hey there everyone, wanted to get this out tonight before the day gets away from me!

     So this year is starting out as going pretty fast for me! I started training for my newest client today and that will last this week and next week and then I’ll start taking calls for them. I’m excited but, nervous of course at the same time as with anyone when they first start a job!

     I feel bad for those of you out there that are being affected by the government shut down. I personally think that its BS what he is doing and how its affecting so many people and agencies yet he doesn’t seem to give a crap and realize what stress is being put out there on everyone going through this crap b/c his sorry butt still gets his paycheck, so he could care less about anyone but himself of course! That’s just my opinion

     I know that things will get better and hopefully, this won’t last that long for those of you affected by it. I just think that it's absolutely ridiculous that he can do this and not really give a crap about everyone that its affecting! And the nerve of him mentioning it lasting months or even years! Seriously??? What the hell?! That would be insane!

     He, in my opinion, has done nothing but worsen this country!!! Nothing good is coming from him being in the oval office doing nothing!

     Looking forward to seeing what Mueller’s report has to say!  I just want justice for this idiotic family that seems to think that they can just do whatever they want and nothing be done to them because of what their reputation? Please! I can’t stand them and knew they were stuck up whenever I watched the Apprentice for the couple of seasons that I did! They seem to have no feelings for anyone and seem to think that they can just about get away with whatever they want and don’t have to face any consequences for there wrong doing! I am really hoping that Mueller and others throw the book at them to show that they are not above the law in any way and they are human just like everyone else on earth and get no special treatments!

     I hope that you all have a great rest of the week! I’m looking forward to sharing more giveaways, hops and book releases and things coming soon! Keep an eye out for more goodies to come!

Hugs and love always from your Queen of Random-Lisa

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