Mika: Networks Should Refuse To Turn Over Airwaves To President Donald T...

So here is my opinion on this...I agree, why on earth would any network be willing to allow this man that tells lies every day be allowed to take over the airways? I mean after all, he said himself the media is the "enemy of the people" and more!

He is so rude and nasty and hateful to the media why on earth should they do him any favors by allowing him to lie on tv?!

This is absolutely ridiculous and I think that the media outlets should stand up to him and say no thank you since we are as you put it the enemy of the people we just won't be involved! 

We all know that all he does is lie! We all know that in those web of lies is just more lies and lies and then more lies! I don't think that he's told a lick of truth about anything since he was sworn in! Could be wrong on that, just my opinion on that at the moment! At least I know that every time I open my mouth I don't have to be fact checked!

He has done nothing for this country but put us further into the ground! He damn sure hasn't been nice to the media so why be nice to him? Okay, and if you are saying/thinking because you get more with honey then you do with vinegar okay I get that and I'll accept that...I just don't think at this point and time that he deserves 5 mins of airtime! 

I think that Karma is going to be coming out and becoming his best friend in the upcoming months and boy am I ever praying hard for that one to happen! He needs some karma and so does the rest of his family!

Those are just my thoughts on this subject today - I know that I will be one of the probably millions that won't be tuning in to hear more lies spew out of his mouth b/c I have better things to do in my life and time then to listen to him!

Love & hugs always from your Queen of Random-Lisa

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