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Good evening everyone, I just wanted to write again about a few things on my mind and get it out there because there is so much it seems going on these days.

The election in Alabama is coming up I believe on Tuesday the 12th and from the sounds of it I don’t know which one is going to win but, hopefully, the people of Alabama will stand up for what they believe in, the country over politics and choose the best candidate for the job!! I don’t believe that is someone that was banned from a mall and is a child predator! And a sexual assaulter!! That is just my thoughts and opinions on that. I watched someone go to one of Moore’s rally’s in a church and he got thrown out and then went outside where reporters were asking people questions etc. and it made my jaw just hit the ground when these people both men and women were basically saying that they didn’t care what Moore has done in the past! What??? Seriously? So, what would happen if he had done or tried something with your daughter or granddaughter? Would you still feel the same then? Would you basically say that oh it’s fine?! BULL!!! That is just such BS!!!! It is NEVER okay for someone to take advantage of someone else in the means of assault or rape or whatever the case might be! We all the right to say no and when someone doesn’t care or listen to that it’s just not right in any way shape or form! The women that have come out against anyone doing things to them whether it being that creep Moore or even the POTUS Trump they are very strong women to come out to begin with and I really wish that more people would realize that they matter and their stories matter!!! I really hope that the people in Alabama put the thoughts of the country ahead of the politics Tuesday when they don’t because if they end up voting for that dog and he wins that is just disgusting as it is that Trump is POTUS! You have a voiceuse it!!

And then we have the thing about Net Neutrality coming up for a vote I believe this Thursday the 14th if I remember right. That is again a major thing and I just don’t think that people realize what it could do and mean if they pass it!!

The net should be free for everyone all over the world in my opinion, but I know that it’s not in some countries but, here in the USA we have a right to have it continue to be free!!!!

I don’t think that the people that are going for this to change that they realize or maybe they just don’t give a damn and only care about the money that will be put into their own pockets from this bs!! This could mess up people’s jobs and such from what I’ve heard and read about it. And I am one of the fortunate ones that work from home and the last thing that I want to hear about is that the high-power companies such as ATT etc. could very well slow down any damn site that they want to for whatever bs reason!! They need to butt out and leave it alone!!! It’s been fine this far so why mess with it now?

Which brings me to the other things going on around here in the USyes, Trump.

He has done nothing since he was sworn in back in January except take things away from the American people that we had no issues with before!!!! Okay so maybe Obamacare wasn’t or isn’t the best thing in the world but, it works and that’s all that matters and why would you want to undermine him and take away health care from the people? Oh yeah, because your ego is so damn fragile that you want to do anything and everything you can to undermine the last President in office. You took away that, you are taking away flipping the dreamers that are here in the US and then other things that you’ve done have been nothing good!!! Not one flipping thing has been done for the American people!! It’s been all to take away from what Obama did and it’s been all to fill your pockets with money that you don’t deserve!!!!

You think that it’s great to be able to run your mouth off about anything that others do wrong but, yet you can’t take responsibility for your own wrongdoings?! Yeah, that’s someone that kids need to look up to! Instead, you brag about doing bad things! Really?? You are that dumb that you think that you are just going to get away with things? Try again!!!! Just because you think that things need to go away and just because you think that you are high and mighty and above the law, that isn’t true. And those things that you’ve done and so stupidly admitted doing, they will come back to bite you because the 17 women that have claimed that you sexually assaulted them, they won’t hush!! They will keep speaking out and they will keep the lawsuits coming and eventually, you will have to deal with them and you won’t get out of it! You jerk!!! You don’t deserve to be the POTUS! You don’t deserve to be anywhere but sitting behind bars and if it’s your mind that is going then you deserve to be in a mental institution or somewhere locked away where they can help you but, it damn sure is not in the Oval Office!!!!

Trump disgusts me every time that I see his smug face anywhere he disgusts me!!!

He and so many others call upon the ones that have done wrong such as Senator Al Franken to resign and oh he should be ashamed etc. well okay I get that, but the difference is that at least Senator Franken apologized and that meant something unlike the jerk off in the Oval office who can’t keep his mouth shut for a minute and takes every opportunity he can to put someone down or call them names or whatever and, yet he has no flipping room to talk!! NONE!!

Trump needs to resign, and he needs to butt out and stay out of trying to tell Senators and whoever else to drop the Russia investigation b/c it’s not going anywhere anytime soon until it comes crashing down on you Trump for all the wrongdoings that you’ve done! Corrupt dumb nut!!!!

Much love always from your Queen of Random - Lisa

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