What is Trump trying to do to America??

Here is the link to the article on CNN where I read that the info will go public in the furure!

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for stopping in to read my blog.
I usually don’t or try hard not to discuss things on here such as politics etc. But the way that this country is and because of our leader in the White House there are things to be said to get off of my chest!

So the latest (that I’ve heard about for now) is that Trump is wanting/asking the 50 states of the US to hand over all the states voter info because he says there is voter fraud that went on during last years election.

Okay, so here is my 2-cents on thatYes there was something crappy going on last year but it had NOTHING to do with any of us!! It had nothing to do with anything that anyone is this country (I believe) did! It had everything to do with you and your admin and how crappy they are!! They are conniving and deceiving and you are determined to get the ‘cloud” that is hanging over the white house about the Russian involvement in the election to go awayand hopefully it will NOT go away until Mr. Mueller gets to the bottom of it and I have every confidence that he WILL get to the bottom of it and once he does, it isn’t going to be pretty for any of the Trump admin!

And what gets me is that he has NO proof of anything with the “voter fraud” going on .. that is just a sidetrack and an excuse to get it off of him and its going to be!
And what really disturbs me is the fact that I read in a CNN article that he asked the states for all voter info but, that is said that the info would be PUBLIC in the future!! What? Excuse me??? So you are thinking that the states are going to just up and hand over voter info to you and THEN you are going to do what with it? Share it with your BFF Putin and then flipping make it public when he’s done with it?! Seriously WHAT?!

Thankfully 44 of our states so far has said Nope not giving it to you! And damn I sure hope not! Not I admit at first I was like okay well maybe that will shut him up for a little while, thinking that the voter info was going to be like how many voters in what area or maybe just the little info like a name and what p arty they are registered with or something like that NOT personal info!! I read that they wanted ALL of the voter info so that would be the data of birth, addresses/social security numbers and or the last 4 of social security numbers! Are you flapping kidding me??! Seriously?! Yea okay let’s just hand all that info over to an admin that I don’t think anyone fully trusts at all!!!

Makes no flipping sense to me at all whatsoever of WHY he would want/need that info when he has NO proof that any kind of voter fraud went on!

However what does make sense is that he is again trying to put the finger on anyone and everyone except himself and at the moment he’s putting it on American’s by wanting the info and then SHARING it and making it public!!!

What the hell is he trying to do to America??? Kill us off??? Make us look like idiots and fools? Well too late! We already look like idiots every damn day that the idiot is the leader of this country!!

And then the fact that he wants to take away healthcare from MILLIONS of Americans!!! We already have people dying daily and I’m pretty sure that the reason or reasons or at least the main or one of the main reasons behind that is because they don’t get or have the health care that they need!! Because everyone here in America isn’t as “rich and snobby” as the rich ones up there in the White House!!

I believe that everyone here in this country is equal and I don’t give ae crap about your background, your race, your religion, non of that matters to me! I believe that EVERY American deserves the best health care that they can get! Just because we aren’t all rich and made out of money we are going to have health care taken away seriously? That is just so ridiculous!!

I agree that the programs such as Medicaid doesn’t need to be given so much because yes I’m pretty sure there are people out there that use and abuse it BUT I also believe that the good people that are having a hard time and not rich and can’t afford health care deserve a chance to get health care!

Now let’s move on to the other things that aggravate the crap out of me about Trump. Him tweeting!

How is it that the leader of our country can get away with anything and everything like he is?
How is it that people can STILL look up to him as a role model when they clearly SEE the BS and bullying that he is doing to us!!

Telling that newscast lady that remark that he didwhat the hell is wrong with you? Is that a way for a leader of a country to act? I believe that its not!!! I am so ashamed of the way that he is acting towards everyone daily!!

It’s embarrassing for us American’s especially since what are we doing to put a STOP to him doing this kind of crap???!! He needs to go! He needs to go now and he needs to go hide back in the rock wherever he was before all this crap started!!!!

He is the worst president in our history and he is just making it worse and the records that he is breaking (NOT good ones) is just going and going and it’s a real embarrassment for everyone!

You don’t call people names, you don’t harass people and threaten people and expect them to do what you say because you are Presidentthat is BULL CRAP!
You are abusing the power that the position that you are sitting in right now and you do NOT deserve to be where you are!!!

You didn’t win the election fairly! You was colluding with flipping Russia you idiot and you are TOO STUPID to keep your stories straight! Every day is something different but, yet more of the same BS than the day before!!!

You can’t just up and fire the FBI Director because he wouldn’t pledge his loyalty to you in the way that you wanted him too and expect him to “let it go” when he was just doing his job!

There are so many lines that you can cross before it will come back and bite you in the butt and I believe that he has done crossed all of them and more!!! He doesn’t deserve to be up there sitting as President!! He has done NOTHING but RURIN this country rather than make anything better except for himself and his rich buddies that don’t know jack about laws and politics etc.

I will stop my going on and on about this crap for now. I just wanted to get my 2-cents out there that I think that its just utterly irresponsible and disrespectful to ALL Americans the way that he acts and does and nothing has changed and nothing will change unless we ALL come together and get him OUT of office asap!!!!

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