How much more are we going to take?! vent about Trump!!

Good evening friends, I hope that you all are having a great day/week and holiday if you are here in the US celebrating the 4th of July.

As I sit here and fume somewhat just a little bit on all the crap going on in the media.I know that its not “Fake news” as a certain someone that is acting like a spoiled rotten 2 year old flipping toddler throwing a flipping tantrum is acting like!!

How much more can we take? Or would the question be HOW much more SHOULD we take?? The behavior! The Attitude! The Bullying others! The lying! The illegal bs that is going on with him!!!

This is supposed to be the LEADER of our country yet here he is acting like a damn 2 year old!!! Actually he’s acting WORSE than a 2-year old!!!!

Why do we put up with it?? Why doesn’t more people come out and stand up to this JERK OFF!!! I don’t give a damn if he’s the damn leader or someone else up in office somewhere this is NOT TOLERABLE behavior from a leader that is supposed to be a flipping ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I believe that people/kids look up to him as a role model and yet with all the behavior with the name calling and the calling the news fake because he’s a jerk and does ILLEGAL stuff that he doesn’t want coming out he’s going to attack the media?! Seriously? And what gives him the right to go on twitter and make a video of him ATTACKING a person with his face as the CNN thing!!!! And then the press secretary or whoever in the hell she is comes out and says oh he’s not doing anything wrong and that he isn’t pushing for violence or anything!!! BULL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this showing our kids? What is this kind of behavior telling all the young kids out there that are being bullied DAILY at school or wherever?!!!! What is telling the ones that are already bullying?!!! VIOLENCE is not the answer and yet this idiot puts up stupid crap like that for what? To get us talking and thinking about something else rather then the “dark cloud” hanging over the white house?! I don’t think so!! This just gets more people ticked off and wanting him OUT of the white house NOW!!!

There is something WRONG with a man that thinks that everything he is doing and the behavior that he is showing daily is okay!!!! He needs to have some SERIOUS testing done!!!!
I can’t stand the way that all this crap just keeps coming out and yet HE is the one that is doing it!!! HE is the one putting his foot in his mouth and HE is the one causing all the drama and HE is the one that will eventually screw up if he hasn’t enough already and hopefully God willing THROW HIS ASS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!! We as Americans deserve more than this CLOWN up there as a leader!!! He needs to go get help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents on the BS that is going around for the moment. Please feel free to agree to disagree as I don’t expect nor want everyone to agree with me. I just wanted to get it out there that enough is enough and we need to come together even more and put a STOP to him now before he gets us in World War 3!!! And that probably isn’t to far off if we leave this crap up to him!!!!
Have a good rest of the week!!

Lisa-Queen of Random

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