Another Monday in July

Good evening friends, I hope that you all are having a great Monday!

Mine started out working and then later on this afternoon I had an interview with a hopeful 2nd client that I’m wanting and the interview was short, quick and not an issue, it’s the afterwards of the now filling out the application (which isn’t too much of a big deal) although it’s just basically putting on there what my resume already says as far as previous clients etc. And then the other part is the “video” more formal? Interviewsigh! I don’t do well with on video anything. I don’t like doing videos they just aren’t my thing so yeah pretty nervous about that...Sigh, hopefully, it will be fine and it’ll go on fast and be over very quickly! Hoping so anyway!! I don’t like doing video chatsits just like for me getting up in front of the classroom back in the day at school doing reports or whatever in front of the whole class and 80% of the time I SKIPPED those days! Yeah, it's childish in a way but, that’s just the way I feel about it. I don’t dress up, I don’t have clothes to “dress up” in and I’m not going to put on something all nice and shiny and bright and new for a one-time interview with someone for a work at home position, although it’s nice to pay and very good bonuses but, I am who I am and I don’t want to act or seem like I am something I’m not with the dressing up part etc. Ugh! I get it’s the 2nd part to an interview so I’ll look my kind of nice but not all dressy .. hope that is good enough for them and I don’t blow it! Cross your fingers for me not to blow it!!

Other things going on in this very busy thinking mind of mine but, I’ll leave that for another post. Have a great last week of July everyone!! Can’t believe that it's soon to be over and a new month again! What the heck has happened this year? Flying on bye like nothing! It’s really crazy to me to be seeing 7/24/2017 and then soon 8/1/2017 and before we know it and blink it will be holidays on us and we all know what that means---complete chaos!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs and love from your Queen of Random Lisa!!

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