Another Dump Trump RANT from your Queen of Random

Good afternoon everyone, wishing you all the best for another beautiful day 😊

I just felt like getting my 2-cents out there, yet again on the recent week give or take about things that are going on here in our country with the clown that is sitting in the highest chair in our country! Yes, he’s a clown in my eyes and many others I’m guessing!

So he did this thing called “America Week” I believe is what it was called. So what does this clown do for the America week? First, he has “big boy trucks” come to him so he can get up in the seat and sit in them and have his picture taken.uh huh okay, sounds to me like something a TODDLER would love to have done! As a matter of fact, I’ve heard a few people say this is something that happens to kids at school (yes I remember mine doing this too when they were little) that the Fires trucks would come to the schools and the kids could have a pic in the truck. Seriously and this is the LEADER of our country acting like a Toddler! But okay, over look thathere comes the ridiculous thing that I think he should just shut the hell up onHe wants to “Make America Great again” In my eyes, America was and has always been great because in my mind and yes we are the country of the free and home of the brave right so I think it’s great yes has issues but is still great regardless.

So this CLOWN is saying bring jobs here for American’s and stop shipping the jobs that we could do to overseas. Yes, makes sense BUT seeing that not only the products that are under him (sunglasses and other merchandise and things that are in his hotels etc) are NOT made in America! NOPE, they are made it seems like in every other flipping country out there BUT the US! I think someone made a list it was a dozen or so other countries and NONE of them on the list was America! Funny how he is saying oh let’s keep jobs here in America yet HE is doing the opposite? Or is that really a shock? Nah, not if you’ve been following him and know that the more he says is more and more changing things around and more lies etc. So not only is his products being made everywhere but in America but, his own daughter, as well as her line of purses and shoes and yet again they, are NOT being made here in America! They are made in other countries as well!

So why spew off your mouth and make an “America week” when you and your own family aren’t doing what you said needs to be done?! Absolutely and utterly ridiculous to me!!

Now moving on to a few other thingsI just don’t even know where to start! I swear that every flipping day there is something new and wrong coming up that is just putting him further and further in a hole that both he and his whole family are going to be UNABLE to flipping climb out of!

I heard that Sean Spicer quit and then he got this new scumbag to come in and take his place. The funny thing is that this new scumbag was at one point in time or well actually several points in time putting Trump down for the egotistical idiot that he really is! He was putting him down left and right etc and telling him to “bring it on!” seriously? And now look who's hired to be the speaker for him and not to mention that the FIRST time I believe that the new scumbag came out and spoke that he was all taking up for the Pres, of course, that is his job and LYING saying he is doing such a great job and has done awesome and blah blah blah! Um, dude, I’m not too sure what planet you live on but, here on Earth in the USA the clown Trump is doing everything but doing a great job you dumb nut! Seriously? Utterly ridiculous!

And then you get to the part of where he does an interview I believe it was with the NY Times and he is stating again stupidity such as he thinks that healthcare is $12 a YEAR?!!! What??? What on earth are you talking about? Oh, yeah you probably have that mixed up with the late night commercials of the “LIFE INS” commercials you idiot that you can get insurance for a $1 a month blah blah NOT health insurance! HUGE difference there I believe! So this complete ding bat thinks that people are paying $12 a YEAR for health insurance. uh huh okay, then yeah that would be pretty great now wouldn’t’ it? Except for the fact that it’s NOT true!
And then the interview goes on to where he was asked something about Mr. Mueller and if was to look into Trumps finances if that would be crossing a red line I believe is how it was said or something close to that in which Trump responded yes that would be crossing a red line and basically in a nut shell he said Mr. Mueller better not be looking into our finances and GUESS what??? Mr. Mueller IS indeed considering your finances! So what the heck are you going to do about it? Well, Clown Trump is floating around the idea yet again of FIRING Mr. Mueller!! Are you kidding me??

So here are my thoughts just on that last thing.IF you have NOTHING to hide why don’t you let the gentleman Mr. Mueller DO HIS DAMN JOB??!!! Because oh yeah you have TONS to hide I’m pretty sure now!

So Mr. Mueller is digging deeper and deeper and looking into EVERYTHING (good for him!!!!!) keep going and get to the bottom of things!!!

Then because Trump I guess figured well hell Mueller isn’t letting up and his little you better not bullying message didn’t work then he must come up with something else. So NOT only is he asking around about How he can PARDON himself, his staff and his family BUT also told his staff to DIG UP INFO on everyone that is working with Mueller on this investigation!!!!

So here is our leader of this country and since his “bullying” method didn’t work he is now telling or rather ordering his staff to dig up dirt on any and every one that is working with Mueller so that he can mess with the reputation that Mr. Mueller has. Are you flipping kidding me??? What the hell?! Seriously?
So yeah, let’s go back to the “pardon” thing. He thinks that he will be able to just I guess snap his fingers and say okay you're pardoned and you are too etc and that this WHOLE thing will go away but, guess what? It is NOT going anywhere!!!! Apparently, he thinks that he can use his wand that he has and just put a spell on everyone in his family and his staff and himself and say we are all pardoned and now we don’t have to deal with any actual consequences of anything that any of us have done and that is that!! WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have done a little bit of looking this up and seeing what others say and as I’ve listened too and believed this is actually how it works is this Okay, so he can NOT pardon himself when he is convicted of a crime because then the power goes out the window. So one loss to Trump. Now if he isn’t convicted and say his staff or family members are then he can pardon them BUT that means that not only will they have to TESTIFY but that they lose their 5th amendment and will HAVE to answer all questions that they are asked!! So again, another LOSS for Trump!!

So, what exactly does he have to hide that he doesn’t want to come out?? Because if you are asking around about your pardoning power that says loads and tells people that you are GUILTY of something!!!! Why else would you have or need to even bring up the power of pardoning?!

I believe that Trumps family especially Don Jr who is being said to be “miserable” because of his father being President but, also I have a feeling that they were a not so great bunch, to begin with and now that he’s President it just shows you that YES you are just another human and YES you are going to pay for your consequences of the crap that you’ve done no matter what!! And NO you aren’t above the flipping law you egotistical scumbag!

And now the fact that I just heard that 2 of Trump's lawyers also resigned this past week because well do you blame them? No one wants to deal with a client that doesn’t listen to them. Trump just keeps running his mouth left and right and all around and it's really sad that he can’t shut up for a minute and take this all in and realize OH I guess this is serious and not “fake” and that I need to actually SHUT UP for a minute! Ugh, will he ever learn? Doubtful!!

I really hope that they keep digging and before too long this scumbag resigns because if he has half a brain cell in that big head of his he would just say the hell with it and step down!!!

So there again is another rant from this Queen of Random that is letting it out about the BS that the Clown Trump is doing.more to come in the near future I’m sure!
Have a good day everyone!!

Lisa-Queen of Random

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