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Good morning awesome people! I just wanted to say thank you for stopping in and seeing what great things I have posted on my blog, I appreciate it every time you stop in and check out my blog.
I am going to be taking some more time to get back into putting more variety of things on my blog. I am going to be adding more Blog Ops hopefully as well as many more Giveaways! I am determined to get back into more of both of those things!

However, I do love doing the things on the books and that will be a steady thing as well.the release of covers, promotions for releases of books as well as other things dealing with specials with books etc. There are a TON of those that I have scheduled and will be coming daily!

Here lately the news has been getting my attention more and more I do admit, being that I am an American and live here in Oklahoma where things are changing all around us daily. The political news has been catching my eyes nearly on a daily basis here lately! As well as other things in the news. For our state, we are broke and I’m certain that there are going to be things coming within our state that is going to be changing so that they can get the budget into a better place than where its at.

Just an example here in Oklahoma is the overcrowding of prisons. If they would simply stop putting people in prison that are non-violent, first offenders or who don’t have a record etc and just made a mistake etc and then also take into consideration of letting some of those out that don’t have a chance or okay a lower change of being “reoffenders” I think that would solve some of the issues/problems that this state is facing. However, I haven’t heard anything like that happening here. I have heard of them letting out ones that are reoffenders or have a higher chance of reoffending! Why would you do that and let them out knowing that there is a big chance they are going to mess up again to get back in? Instead of letting someone that has a family out here that is a non-violent and or first time offender and never in trouble before, why not give them a chance and let them out early? Doesn’t make much sense to me!

Moving alongI am hoping to get back into some of the reality shows againsuch as Big Brother that should be if I remember correctly, starting up here in the next few days for the summer! So I will be posting things about that as well. I also want to start sharing and posting more about the games that I am into. They are all on the pc for the most part and I love sharing the videos of some of my fave youtubers playing the gamesso I want to try and share more of those as well so that there isn’t just all book stuff one day or all of one certain thing each day, I want to very much get different things each day going 😊 I want to try and do quotes and just write short things for it as well. Lots of changes (in a good way!) to Queen of Random!!

Queen of Randomyep that’s me! Completely and 100% me! I go from one thing to another in a matter of minutes! I absolutely love the “Queen of Random” name and I am so happy that I came up with it because goodness it fits me to a T!!! 😊

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