Another new fave youtuber who plays the very addicting Sims 4

Good evening! So I recently (in the past 2 weeks or so) have gotten back into playing the Sims 4 a LOT!! I'm talking A LOT! LOL....So during those evenings when I'm wanting to relax and have a little time to sink into a pc game and not sure which one to dive into ... I was surfing around Youtube and came across this girl...yes a female! LOL...all my other faves are guys...why are there so many males and very little females on youtube? Or is it just me and the games that I like to play where I don't see/hear any girls playing?

Regardless...I came across this young lady and I absolutely LOVE her! I love the way that she talks/sounds and she's so laid back and plays and just relaxes you. So I wanted to share with you all the last video that I just watched of her playing the Sims 4 Parenthood.

And thanks to the reviews and the overviews that she's done I NOW have ALL the Sims 4 expansions and all of the many game packs! Yep I'm one of THOSE people! LOL....I just bought the last 3 of them tonight thanks to one of my clients giving me a nice bonus I decided that I might as well enjoy it and spent some of it on the rest of the packs that I didn't have before. Let's NOT say how much just in the past 2 weeks that I've gotten back into it that I've spent! LOL...And I haven't even started looking into the content that the other players (much more creative than I ever could be) have done! I want to get on there and just get every thing that catches my eye (tons of things!!! But I am trying to hold back on doing that because this youtuber stated that she got rid of some of the custom contoent b/c it lagged the game. So I figured that I better just hold off on that for now...

I am thinking/considering of putting up (yes mentioned this awhile ago) some of my own videos of the games that I play to share with others. Not so much to get tout there but, just to do it because I enjoy playing the games and like sharing things so we will see :)

And now to her video...enjoy below!

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