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YES ! We get to have Gina Wynn’s Newest release What You Wish For.
Readers, every day you get a snippet of chapter 1. THIS IS DAY 3
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Teaser 4 Title: What you wish for Author: Gina Wynn Genre: Romantic, Woman Fiction Release Date: May 12 Tour Date: May 9 - 12 Hosted By Teaser Addicts PR Teaser 1 (1) BLURB When Maggie Forrester wakes up naked in bed with her boss, iceman Will Brian, she's sure it must be a dream. Or a feverish hallucination at the very least. But magic takes over when she begins to experience an impossible other life—complete with an alternate husband—and she's forced to confront the reality of the man she loves versus the man she's fallen in love with. After secrets she believed long buried surface, both of Maggie's realities are threatened. As the truth of her past comes to light, she must decide which man she truly loves and which life she wants to live—if the choice is even hers to make. Sometimes, true love is even worth wishing for. ☆Bloggers And Reviewers☆ Want To Review? Request Your Copy Below And Thank You! GOODREADS LINK: Wish ReviewTeaser2 (1) Pre order Yours Here ! Available on all platforms Amazon: UK: US: KOBO: SMASHWORD: Google Play: Itunes Decadent Publishing: Purchase links will Be Live MAY 12, 2017 wp-1493730628343.jpg Part 3 Not knowing where I’d woken up, or how I found myself on a first-name basis with my boss required more of a reason than a simple night out. A risky one-night stand suggested more than simple trolling for a no-strings dalliance, more than being in a mood to throw away everything I’d worked for. It also suggested a stomach- turning about-face in my moral code. I smothered a ridiculous involuntary giggle lest he heard my madness through the door, then sat, unable to even form anything but repetitive thoughts about the man who insisted on being so formally addressed at the office, yet appeared happy to laze about naked with me in his personal time. I tensed to redirect my thoughts and dug my fingers into the plushest carpet in the world, then wiped my sweaty palms on the pile, smoothing over my guilt. Fear and insanity warred within me, stealing both my breath and my determination to focus. After all, no stable person woke up with her boss and spent time debating the event with herself before she considered her exit. No sane person who woke in the arms of her boss by surprise, anyway. My confused, traitorous heart stuttered, and I sucked a large inhale to quash ballooning terror over my mental health and every element of my future. I’d never be able to meet his eyes or take his dictation ever again. Note to self: You might have been taking his dictation all night long.
Naked. Oh. Dear. Sweet. God. Naked.
Note to self: Stop taking notes.
Heat flamed up my face. I needed to stop thinking about optional clothing before I set myself on fire. My skin blistered under a new wave of heat, and I flapped my hands near my face, the gesture both overly girly and ineffective at calming my thoughts. Mr. Brian wouldn’t remain as friendly if I spontaneously combusted so near his suits. Dressing and leaving, not playing my own private video loop of my boss without his clothes, topped my agenda. I scoffed then dealt my face a quick mental slap for good measure and greater focus I should have had only one focus.
Maybe Mr. Brian had a simple explanation, and I only needed to ask. Perhaps he brought me home with him to look after me. I might have taken ill, then...tripped, and ended up lying in his bed. After all my clothes disintegrated. I gave my head another shake, almost as though I might dislodge some common sense in there. Would I do that? Was I really that girl after all those years? What had I done? I blew out a deep breath of shame. As I rubbed my face, my ring caught on my skin in reprimand. I ignored it, tucking my hand behind me instead. I glanced at the light rather than look at his suits again. More horror washed through me in one giant wave. I had to work with the owner of those clothes. Every aspect of my life depended on him and the wage he paid me. My finances, my home, and now the stability of my marriage—even if Jake and I had always been more friends with benefits than soul mates. I choked back another nervous giggle but sounded like a cat with a hairball. “Maggie?” Mr. Brian knocked lightly on the door. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” Sweetheart? Something in me melted a little. For a moment, and a reason I couldn’t define, I wanted to be his sweetheart. I gave myself a quick mental shake. If I stayed quiet and carried on ignoring him, maybe he’d get fed up and go away. I crossed my fingers in a childish gesture of misplaced faith. If I could develop the magic ability to erase every moment since I woke up, I’d never speak or move again—not even to take a breath. I parted my lips and allowed the shallowest inhale ever. Baby steps on the not-breathing thing. “Yes?” I tried not to let my mounting dread at what I’d done show in my voice, preventing a tremor before it ever emerged. “Can I get you anything?” His uncharacteristic concern ate at me, as acidic as any guilt. He should have been the type to get rid of his latest conquest before dawn. And I should have been the type to stay faithful. Teaser 2 (1) DON’T FORGET TO GO OVER THE BLOGS BELOW FOR PART 4 AND IT WILL BE LIVE TOMORROW The Awesome Participating Blogs , Authors and Fans (WE Thank You xx)
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12243130_1233159800043869_3388256120047761450_n AUTHOR BIO From a magical land of castles and kings (Okay, it’s England), Gina doesn’t feel as old as she looks, owns three children who can’t be tamed, and writes in spare – usually stolen – time. She sometimes bakes—not always with quite the desired results, and has found the only solution to keeping the characters in her head quiet is to placate them with lots of other lovely books and worlds. She has been published by Decadent Publishing, who currently have two of her books, both of which are romance titles – “Her Dollmaker’s Desire” and “Her Undercover Christmas”. Social Media Links: Facebook Author Page: Twitter: @Gina_Wynn on Twitter Amazon Author Page: Goodreads Author Page: Pinterest: Website: Email:

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