#DumpTrump My thoughts on the latest BS going on in political news!

    So for the past 2 days or so I have noticed that there is let's just say "a lot of BS" going around on the news. I'm not saying its not true, I'm saying that the LEADER of our country is talking more BS then he knows what to do with!!! I can't stand it when someone twists the truth around or comes up with a different version of the story a million times in a very short amount of time!
   And for whatever reason people are just letting him get away with WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!! Why are we allowing this man to LIE and twist around the truth and the stories?? Isn't the leader of our country supposed to be someone that we can look up too? I know that I am NEVER going to look up to that man that is NOT fit for running his own damn business must less a country!!! And the way that he said "he missed his old life, he thought it was going to be easier!" What? Are you flipping kidding me?? Then please sir GO BACK TO YOUR OLD LIFE!!! Plenty of us would NOT miss you!!! By all means someone PLEASE show him the flipping door!!!!
   I think that it is without a doubt the most ridiculous thing that this man is still in a White House where some of the greatest Presidents lived!! Not one of them made this country, in my opinion, look like such FOOLS like this man is making us look like today!!! NO OTHER President in history has twisted around and done and said things that this man has and YET he is still our leader of this country!!! HOW?? WHY????
  Of course just look at the ones that they are now fired because of him! I think that some of them deserved it BUT some of them like director Comey, I think that he WAS indeed doing his job and maybe too good as far as Trump saw because Comey was NOT going to give up or let the investigation go! By the sounds of it he was trying to get more resources and dig deeper and get to the bottom of all the BS and that is what American's deserves is to know the TRUTH and not have someone who thinks he is ALL that and then some at the top acting like he is above the law because guess what? HE is NOT above the law! Someone somewhere needs to stand up to him and not let him BULLY his way out of the chance of the investigation to carry on!!! If there is something messed up with the Russian's interfering we need to know and he needs to go home and not to the White House because he does NOT deserve to be there!!!
   I see him as an old cranky, crabby, bully, biggot, racist pig!! I do NOT and never have seen him as anything but those things and that is because of the way that he ACTS and treats others!!!
  Those are just my thoughts on the news that I've seen and heard and by all means if I am wrong so be it but, right now looking around on the bs stories around..he doesn't have any business being the leader of our country!!
   He can't even fill in his own administration of the BS that he is doing and saying!!!! They come out and tell us one thing about the firing while Trump tells us something else! Ridiculous that the WHOLE TRUMP ADMIN is a damn circus!!!

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