My Do You Remember for Jan 1st

Yes!!! I use to watch this show EVERY night on Nick @ Nite!! or was it the other one um can't think of it but, it use to have all the awesome good shows that I could watch over and over and NEVER get tired of...still could...

Three's Company

Mr. John Ritter...another very talented gentleman that we lost way too soon...years ago but still loved, remembered and missed!!

And of course Mr. & Mrs. love them all!!!

I just wanted to share a "Do You Remember" and I'm going to try and find something every day and see how many things that I can come up with, with the help of the site of course Do You Remember

I'm one of the, well I call it "lucky ones" that was born in 1973 and got the joy of living thru the 80's and knowing what real music sounds like as well as good wholesome awesome shows on tv was. Not saying that today's tv isn't good,  its just well...different then back then and I loved the things that was on back many of them I loved to watch and would all over again over and over...

Have a great day!! And Happy New Year!!!

Make the 1st day of the year a great one!! 

Much loves always

Lisa-Queen of Random

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