Looking forward to nothing but positive things in 2017

      Good evening everyone, I hope that you all had a great 1st day of the year and month. I'm looking to some pretty great thing happening this year. 

     For my blog, I am going to be consistent and stay on top of things no matter what it takes, I'm going to do it! I want to make it better not only for myself, but, for all of my wonderful visitors that I appreciate deeply!

   I am going to be doing the "Do You Remember" series in which I'm going to put something up daily, sometimes more than once and see what you all think and if you remember those things. I think that it would be fun to go down memory lane for us :) The good things are great to remember sometimes when nothing but bad things are going on around us..its nice to take a breath and just look back and remember those things that we loved back in the day...too many things to name but for me...things like my dad (step dad whom I looked up to as my daddy) went out and fought his way I believe it was in a K-Mart to get me a cabbage patch kid...Irita Gertie I believe was her name...wish that I still had her..and just other little things that trigger good memories with my dad or my uncle Bobby or my grandpa. Miss them all dearly!!

   I am also going to make a series on me "working at home" and how you can make money and make a living working out of your home office and not by any sales or any MLM stuff. Just simply working like I do that you could easily do out there in the world at a brick and mortar building but thankfully for me, I get to do it all out of my home office! I already have a section for working at home on the top of my main page just look up and click it and it will take you to different blogs I've wrote in the past and shared. 

  And I want to try and get a series going for more talk about the issues that are going on not only here in Oklahoma like the overcrowding of prisons but, other things on those lines and know that we should all be here for each other because we are all going through the same thing, missing our loved ones! And each of us need a support system when it comes to that. 

   Along with a few surprises through out the year! Don't ya just love surprises? I usually do...

  I am also looking very forward to getting and staying involved in all kinds of Blog Hops as well as Giveaways and things. I usually do just the paypal cash or Amazon gift card for the hops, but, this year I'm wanting to do not only one of my own giveaways but, I'm wanting to do something much more then the $25 prizes so we will see what I can come up with and when. I have a few ideas and want to do them so hopefully things will work out and I will get to do them for special dates like Valentines, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and a few other ones.

  And finally I just plan on sharing more things that I found with everyone. As well as I'm looking forward to going on a long road trip, well I call it long...from OK to CO so that will be full of pics and other things to share. And then when we get moved into our house I want to share cooking things and hopefully have my youngest son who is 18 involved in that since he loves to cook as well as bake etc and that will be something new and different for me to share and talk about.

   Thank you again for stopping in and reading my blog, I appreciate it very much! And again I wish you all a great day/evening and first upcoming week of the year!! Enjoy it!!

 Much love always

Lisa-Queen of Random

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