Just my 2 cents ...

So let me get this straight....Russian hacked into something and interfered with our presidential election. In return, they got what they wanted! So a month and a half give or take later on, our President Obama puts sanctions on Russia and gives 35  diplomats 72-hours to leave our country. And again the Russians decide they don't like that and hack into an electric grid?!!

Seriously?? What in the hell is this world coming too?? So I'm guessing that we have proof that its linked to a Russian hacker group but, yet what can we do now?? Say or do something else in which AGAIN they will retaliate and HACK something else of ours?? Seriously?? When they are the ones that started it to begin with, as far as I know and understand by interfering in an election that they shouldn't of been concerned with!! That is dealing with OUR country not there's!

And the thing of it is, if they can get away with hacking and interfering with a NATIONAL election and now the damn electric grid...what the hell else are they capable of??? Or do I dare even think to ask that?!

And what does our President elect do? He lavishes Pres. Putin with praise!! Uh huh...sounds to me like that is a great person to be our Pres. elect..that wasn't really elected b/c Russian interfered!!!!!!! But it looks like/sounds like that doesn't matter and that we are going to continue to allow that jerk to be sworn in?? Seriously??? what the hell??? We need to do a RE-ELECTION on paper ballots where NO ONE can HACK into anything and interfere and see what the results are!!

That's just my 2 cents on things...I don't watch news that much b/c I know that there is way to much going on but then again maybe I should to keep up b/c right now our country is heading for hell in a hand basket!!!!

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