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  Hi everyone, thank you for stopping in to read my blog today. I am happy to participate in this #BehindTheBlogger again this week. This week the theme or phrase rather is "End of the Road".

  So the first thing that came to my mind was things coming to an end...fits perfectly with this being the last week of 2016. For me, I am excited to be ending this year and I'm looking forward to what the upcoming new year has in store for me and for all of us.

  I have always loved the song "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men. One of my all time faves...being that my first love dedicated that song to me as one of "our" songs....It's beautiful. I haven't listened to it in quite some time but I still know that I know the words to it word for word like I just heard it yesterday....

  With this year coming to an end..there has been so many deaths of celebs this year...this month. I know that people leave us on a daily basis but, it just gives me that much more of a blessed feeling for waking up every morning.....I grew up listening to Prince who we lost at the beginning of the year I believe Feb or so and David Bowie....and then others in between so many this year...and then last month Florence Henderson...I grew up watching her on Nick @ Nite...Brady Bunch was one of my all time fave shows...my heart breaks...it just makes me realize that I'm getting older even if I'm only in my lower 40's...still just makes me realize how time is flying....And then Alan Thicke...Growing Pains...so heartbreaking again...and then today I just found out about George Michael passing over the weekend....and Carrie Fisher...just so many.....John Glenn....and so many more...

  I didn't mean for this post to sound depressing or anything like that, I just want to say please look at your loved one or call them or write them and just tell them how much they mean to you! Tell them and enjoy the moments the little ones that you have with them because we just never know when it could be the last time you spend with them or they with you....not to be depressed and not live life to the fullest but just be grateful, thankful and blessed that we are still living on this earth and even though we go through rough times and sometimes don't even know if we will make it through the rough storms that life sometimes throws at us...just enjoy and take in the moment...enjoy life...if you can take the day off and spend it with that someone special do so! If you can take a vacation and just enjoy spending time with your friends, family and loved ones do it!

  I know that we all have to work and make a living and that we all get busy and before you know it you haven't talked to your friends or family etc in awhile...make a point to even just say have a good day in text each day or something just sweet and let them know that you care.

  I try to do that with a few of my closest friends and I admit I've slacked for one reason or another, maybe it was b/c I didn't feel good or because I was working a ton or whatever with the holidays we all get crazy busy but just stop and take the minute to say something to them let them know that you are there for them and care for them.

  I hope that you all have a good rest of the year with very little heartbreak and storms in your life and start off the new year on a great note...take it all in...enjoy life as much as you can..

Much love always and thank you again for stopping in and reading my blog....really appreciate it..

Lisa-Queen of Random

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  1. Yes, keeping open and talking with our loved ones is so important. Being busy blah time to reconnect ........

    1. Yea, especially around the holidays and things, always busy with something or another...I'm trying my best to stay in touch with friends more on a regular basis...

  2. I think it is good to be grateful for still living. With all of the deaths it makes you more thankful.

  3. Funny that you bring up the End of The Road song because that's what inspired this prompt (hint: almost all of our prompts are inspired by song titles). Anyways, 2017 is sure to be a brighter, bigger, and better year!

    1. Thank you for sharing...ah, okay then I might have to start looking into the song for those :) I love music, I swear I don't think I could function a day without it! I hope that 2017 is better and brighter for all of us!

  4. I haven't heard that Boyz II Men song in ages--thanks for bringing it back! (Hooray for old school songs! :P )

    Definitely with you on trying to treasure the moments with loved ones because you honestly never know what could happen. I have a tendency to retreat into a hermit-like status when life gets super busy/hectic so that's definitely something I need to work on!

    Happy new year!


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