Top moments of the first debate last night of Clinton and Trump

So there were plenty of "omg-did he really just say that??!!" moments for me in the debate...Although somehow when I looked at and voted on who won the debate last night the winner in about half a dozen polls said Trump did! That was last night - haven't looked at them today! My thoughts on that are you flipping kidding me? I mean really a man that states that "he's smart" for NOT paying his taxes!!! Because he doesn't agree what the government does with the taxes - okay AND???? And someone that calls people names and interrupts them not only interrupted Hillary but also the mediator are you kidding me ?? How in the world do you figure a man with NO manners and RUDE won?? If that is what this country is coming too then I am even more bound and determined to LEAVE and go somewhere else where we don't vote idiots that don't pay people for doing work for them and admits it and doesn't pay taxes! Last time I checked EVERYONE has to pay taxes so what the hell is so great and wonderful about him that he shouldn't have to??

Regardless on whose side you are on I wanted to share some of the moments last night.

And for those of you that would like to watch the FULL debate see the video below

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  1. In general, I'm pretty private when it comes to my political beliefs-- I just keep it to myself, and I don't particularly enjoy discussing politics. (This election year, however... New ballgame!)
    I suppose... What I'll chip in here is that in my opinion, this debate was one for the ages. I can't recall the last time a political debate got THIS MUCH ATTENTION! I think that in a way, that's good: people are asking questions, and learning, and opening up new dialogues.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. I can't wait to see who will end up winning. The choices are not that one is so much better, so it will be very close.


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