#Debates2016 The Debate tonight - Clinton vs Trump - my thoughts on the debate

I'm going to be Live updating this as it goes on...just my thoughts and opinions of things being said!

The before thoughts on the debate...I agree with one person saying that Clinton needs to "Quote the Republicans" seeing that there are 50 plus Republicans that aren't on his side, that says allot in my mind.

And it's almost time...let's get this show on the road!

This is a dead heat tie...wow...going to be close no matter what happens but tonight will take a toll on each of them in my thoughts.

Jobs-equal pay, more jobs, profit sharing, up min wage. I wasn't aware by Trumps words that people are "stealing" our jobs its the companies HERE in the US that are responsible for GIVING our jobs to the other countries! Trump-25 million jobs?? Bringing that many? I doubt that! Why is he going on against China??? What incentives are they giving? And why is he keep bringing up Mexico? 

At least Clinton states EXACTLY what she plans to do not goes around it...He can INTERRUPT her but she tries to answer what he asked her and he says EXCUSE ME! RUDE!! Thinks he can just TALK OVER HER??? Learn your flipping manners!!

He is SO flipping RUDE! Let her have her 2 minutes without running your mouth every other second!! DAMN!

Him not paying taxes he says " That makes me smart!"

Yea you know about money alright...how MANY TIMES HAVE YOU FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY?? 

Race - next subject

How to heal the 2 divides

Clinton-work to get the communities and the police together. Bring communities together and get guns out of the hands of people that don't need them. Restore trust and Respect Police. 

Trump-almost 4,000 people in Chicago since Obama went in office - WHAT does that have to do with healing the divides? so 3,000 no 4,000 no 3,000 shootings now this year in Chicago since Obama has taken office. We need Law & Order in the inner cities.

Clinton-if you are on a no fly list then you don't need to be able to buy a gun. (summarizing)

OMG! I'm just jaw dropping...what an IDIOT he is!!! He's throwing himself down the toilet! Making fun of fat people AGAIN??!!! SERIOUSLY?

And then there he goes is throwing up China again and saying that they need to do something to someone...WTF?! Sorry but its NOT his decision and NOT his say to tell THEM what to do!! He just put them down how many times already this evening????

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