Random Thoughts on things - election this year

 So I have tried to really just not ignore completely but, avoid all the hoopla about the election this year. But, it seems like no matter what I do the talk about it is everywhere and there is plenty good reason for it, I get that but, omg the flipping name calling, the sticking feet into your mouth and just all the negative crap that comes out from this is just highly annoying to me!

Honestly I'm not too pleased with either of the candidates. They each have their own faults in one way or another. So like some say, vote for the lesser of the evil...great thought there...both evil? ugh!

So when I look at the two of them I see one that has been through things like this before being that she's married to a gentleman who has run the country before. The other one - not much good to say about him - JUST MY OPINION not meant to upset or tick off anyone or rub anyone the wrong way...he just isn't the taking this seriously as I feel he should be. Calling people names? Is that the way that we want the leader of our country to act and to talk?? By putting down others?? In a form Bullying others??? It's not something that I want for  my grand kids to look up too!! That just isn't acceptable in my eyes and my mind.

I get that they are competing and going against each other and there are going to be bad things on each of them and name calling well that's just second nature sometimes in elections and things okay I get that but, there is a limit to things when someone goes and calls  out people that aren't running in this - just an individual and he goes and calls them names!! That is just ridiculous and for him to continue the charade of the name calling and acting like he sacrificed for his country - how? What specifically did he do I want to know to sacrifice anything for his country? He's a spoiled rich kid that doesn't know what a true day of hard work is like! In my opinion he doesn't know what its like to work a hard day of work and he doesn't know what it is to go through each paycheck making sure that everything is paid and that there is still food on the table etc. I don't believe that he's ever had to do that - budget...I wish that he would go out in the "real" world and not in his world and actually have to live off of a couple thousand dollars a month if that! Maybe not even that..maybe 1500 a month and make it last and make sure bills are paid and food on the table...wonder if he could handle that?? I highly doubt it!! Yet he can put down those that are trying to make ends meet etc. I don't think that he understands what its like not to have money in the bank and not have to worry about where the next meal is coming from etc. I've been there and done that!!! I'm thankful enough now to have things a little better than a few years ago but, things are still rough now and again and I don't take things for granted!! I am very thankful for what I have and I am very proud of everything that I have worked for and where I am at in my life.

Nothing is always great, I know that but, things don't have to be all great to be happy and to be grateful and thankful for whatever you have.

I think that his ego is bigger than anything and that he needs to get it in check and stop inserting his foot into his mouth and grown up just a little bit before taking on being a leader of this country! Because if he thinks that he can run this country by name calling and being a bully like he is being now - wow that is going to be an eye opener for a LOT of people if it comes down to that!!!

So with all that being said I choose to vote for the woman that is running - at least she has the knowledge of what it takes to run this country and isn't always inserting her foot into her mouth and name calling and bullying. Not saying that she doesn't do those things but, saying that I don't hear of her doing those things as much as the other one!

Whatever happens happens...

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