My thoughts - Life is what you make it

   Life is what you make it. It's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows and all bright and great but, it can be good if you are thankful and grateful for things and you live a positive life.

  I get so sick and tired of hearing all the "bad/upsetting and negative" things on the news so much so that I have stopped watching it. I use to watch it in the evenings after eating dinner but, then realized that the news can suck and get us in a negative mood, at least for me it did sometimes. There are good things going on around the country/world too so why in the world can't news people/stations etc go out and try to find the good things that are happening instead of always reporting the negative things??

  And I know that every now and again some stations will bring up a good thing or two but they are so full of the negative things and the bad things and the all around just sad news that it just breaks my heart and gets to me as I get older. 

   I wish that there was something more that I could do to get the good news out there!!! To get the ones that are making it through tough times to share the stories of the ones that have made it through some rough roads and patches but are making it on their own and making life good because its how they choose to live. Making a decision to either let the bad take you over or rise above it and I want to hear more about the rising above it rather then the bringing you down stories!

   So I am looking for ways to bring more positive into the world!! Even things such as the election coming up, what some people take in as negative well show them that there is positive things in it as well. Why do people have to fight and argue and all that over things just because we all have our own individual opinions of things. Why can't we calmly agree to disagree on the things that we disagree on? Why does it have to turn into hate and violence and go on from there? So sad to think of all the crap going on in the world today when it could be such a nicer place without all the name calling and the bad mouthing and all the negative things!

  And believe me I get it, everyone has his/her own opinion about everything and that is the way that it should be but, do we really have to go as far as the bad mouthing and name calling and all that negative stuff?? How can we become a better person with all hate around us?? Why can't people just sit down and talk things out in a nice way and without so much hatred in the room?? 

  I guess that back in the day in the 90's when I was a young lady growing up I just didn't realize all the chaos so to speak going on around the country as much as I do these days. But regardless I'm determined to not dwell on the negative things and the name calling etc. I do my best to keep those things down to a minimum. 

  So with everything that is going on in the world today I'm going to let it strengthen me to not fall in the hole of negativity. I'm going to try and keep doing my best to see the bright side of things. Things aren't always great I know that and understand that but, even when things go south, they have to get better one day so that's when you just keep the faith that the one day will be today!

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