#Gaming - Starting a Let's Play series on YouTube


    Good afternoon everyone, I hope that you are all doing great!! I've decided to start a video series on YouTube  - my series will be of several games that I already love to play along with other games that are coming out - one of them on the 7th, one on the 8th and my first beta test one on the 15th!!

    As you can see from the pic above (I took it with my cell phone - so not the best by any means!) But, this is new to me and its a learning/work in progress! So just bare with me and see what you think if you like time management games, Sim like games (might even do a Sims 4 Let's play when I get the expansions - only have 2 so far! and I haven't played them too much so that's a thought) As well as City building games.

   The pic above is from one of my favorite games I got on Steam called PlanetBase - so addicting!!! You get to complete milestones and move on to other planets - 4 in total and they added challenges in it as well. I know I'll be doing a game series on it for sure even though I've been playing it for a little while.

   Aven Colony - this is another city building game on a planet - this is going to be an open public beta, I believe is what they called it and it's coming out tomorrow at 3 pm CST!! I messaged them on twitter and asked for a time and they answered quickly and told me :) SUPER excited for this one!! I didn't know that it existed!! Never heard of it until I was searching around on one of my favorite youtubers videos and saw it and thought hmm what is that? And watched the vids on it and wow LOVE IT! So I will definitely be sharing game play and doing a series on it.

    And then there is Project HighRise - this one is like a Sim Tower one - literally! So if you love the sim like games like me, you might want to check this one out as well. This one is where you can build up towers and put in shops, restaurants, offices and apartments. Looks great on the gameplay vids I watched! Can't wait to download this one Thurs the 8th! I already Pre-Ordered it on Steam and I'm SO ready for it!!

   Last we have the first Beta Test one that I got invited to do for a game that is on Steam that got "Greenlit" on there. I saw it earlier this year and have been following it like crazy!! I left comments and things on there and was lucky enough to be invited to do a private beta on it!! It's called SugarMill - it's also a town/city building one where you can do the farms and such. There isn't too much on this one, no gameplay series on it as it hasn't been out for any beta testers until they announced it to the small group that I was invited too on the 15th!! So next week!!! They do have trailers on it and I love the way that it looks. Of course, I'm a sucker for games like this one :) 

   I'll be adding more GAMING things on my blog in the very near future as I want to get going with the gaming videos and share those with you all. They aren't going to be great to start off, like I said a work in progress as I'm learning how to record and so forth...It will be a very exciting new thing for me for sure!! :) 

   Have a great day/rest of the week!! Much love always 

                                 Lisa-Queen of Random

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