#BehindTheBlogger - What Being Empowered Means to Me

Today's #BehindTheBlogger post is What Being Empowered Means to Me. So the first thing that I thought of when I read this is freedom...for myself I live here in the USA in the state of Oklahoma and I feel blessed, thankful and grateful EVERY day when I wake up that we live in this country that yes has it's issues but, we live in the land of the free!!

I feel empowered on a daily basis when I wake up and think of the things that I've accomplished, that I'm accomplishing now and the goals that I am working towards. Being a woman isn't easy..anywhere, but, thankfully it has come a long ways since "back in the day". 

I have felt like I've found myself now going on 3 years ago when things just weren't the way that I wanted them to be. When I literally woke up one morning and said I can't live like this anymore!! 

So from then on out (near my 40th) birthday, I have searched for myself and have been doing things for ME, MYSELF and I!! yes, to some probably thinking selfish!? Okay, maybe that is the case but, I am happy where I am today and honestly if I wouldn't of had that epiphany of thinking I can't live like this anymore (not happy in my marriage and other issues) then I know that I wouldn't be where I am today and I wouldn't change that for the world!!

My attitude around my 40th birthday (3 1/2 years ago) has been not that I will try to do things or try to accomplish these goals etc its that I WILL get them done and for the most  part on the goals I've set I've not only done them but, I've surpassed them! Still working on some but, it's a work in progress that I refuse to slack on or give up on!

Things happen in our lives sometimes and we don't understand why...sometimes I think that we aren't supposed to understand things at the time, we just keep moving forward and keep going on living life because it doesn't stop nor slow down for us to sit and think and dwell on things on how we could of changed things etc. We have to keep moving along and make the best out of every day that we have on this earth ..

I appreciate you all stopping in and reading my #BehindTheBlogger post :) 

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  1. I want to drop you a little note to let you know that right now-- 10:17pm Central, Wed. Sept. 14, 2016-- your words have reached someone out there on the vast space of Internet. Reading this post was enjoyable and uplifting for me, and inspiring as well. Thank you for sharing!


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