#MotivationalMonday First Monday of September

And just like that, its another Monday!! Wow! The weekend just flew on by and its gone and out the door and ready to start another week! The first full week of September although some probably didn't work today since its a holiday. Me, being an Independent Contractor that works at home in my office still worked some today, I didn't mind it. But wouldn't of minded actually have a full day off either!

So it's Monday and the quote is right, "No More Excuses" Just do what you need to do even the little piddly things and get them over with! Today was supposed to be a day of catching up so to speak "work wise" but that didn't happen all the way. It's okay tomorrow things will get finished and then I'm going to kick butt working because I need this to get going full force and to quit monkeying around!

I absolutely love the saying above that I came across!! And its so true!! Its true to the T! I am being persistent when it comes to my RE work and I am learning things on my own as well as listening to my client and learning from him. Now that we actually have a plan in place and we know that its working and we have leads coming in and need to call them and take apps and get this going we gotta be consistent with it and that's where I come in to keep him moving and motivating him because some days he's just in the mood of "I'm just so pissed or I'm just not in the mood etc" So I have to stay on him and get him more motivated because that will help me and him both!!! We can do this, I know that we can! He knows that we can, its just something new for him to be not handling everything himself and actually hard for him to let go and let me help him out! But once this gets going and he see's that I am handling it and I can and will continue to handle things I think that its going to be easier for him to let go even more and that will be more learning and more work on me which I love working! And it will be more hours and that equals more money and just in time for the upcoming holidays that are creeping around the corner!

And then I came across this one too above and couldn't help but, think that is so true as well!! I have worked my butt off to get us where we are. Yes we're still working on getting things for the apartment and so forth but, we got here and we did it because I worked hard and had major determination to get out of where we was and into a better place and I did that!! It was hard but, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? So keep moving forward and keep your head up...there are others that are in your situation out there and more people that are going through worse situations than you are. There are always others out there going through way more than what you are. And not to mention that storms don't last forever...they eventually end....might just take a minute but they will calm down soon...keep looking ahead to the positive things that will be there in the long run...this is just at bump in the road!

         Wishing you all a great rest of the holiday short work week!!

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