Are you looking to work at home?

Good evening to all of you out there!! I know one of the hardest things to do is actually decide that you have to get a job. Yes, it can be stressful either way of the looking for the job or applying etc. But if you have to then you have to do what you need to do to get things done right? Maybe you've just become a single mom or going to be shortly and therefore you have to get a job and support your kids. Or maybe things are just too tight and you want to help more and have decided to go back to work for the upcoming holidays etc. But you don't have to go out in the "real world" to work a job!!

It's a fact, a lot of people are actually working out of there home offices and making good money. I'm living proof of that!! Some people think oh so you work at home, thinking that means still watching soaps all day long or napping half the day or playing on facebook most of the day. NOPE! That means that I actually sit here in front of the computer at my desk and WORK!!

I'm working at the moment...yes seriously! I'm taking calls for a company but, the great thing is that when the calls aren't coming in that I have the freedom to do other things, such as work on my blog etc. But for example another one of my clients (yes I have more than one!) The other clients are RE clients and with them I am staying busy very steadily busy. Yes the Real Estate field is a great field to be in especially if you like steady work and believe me its never boring! Depending on what kind of work you want to get into and do. For me, I've done nearly everything that I can do as an Assistant. I absolutely fell in LOVE with the field after about a month or even shorter than being involved and working with it. 

I'm one of the people in this world that feels like a kid in a toy store when I go in somewhere that has office supplies I want it ALL! I can't wait to get my L-shaped desk and my filing cabinet! And a huge bookshelf for all of my goodies too!! 

So if you want to give working at home a try, feel free to. Try these sites to start at and set up your profile completely if not the employers won't take you seriously! 

Upwork  this one use to be oDesk and it changed to this name and then Elance combined with it too so now its Upwork.

You have to set them up (free) just takes a few minutes to get it all set up and then apply/bid on the jobs. Decide what you want to get into. Whether its posting ads where you don't have to deal with people on the phone or if its social media marketing or if its sales or even customer service. I prefer the customer service and Real Estate Admin those are my top 2.

Most of the jobs that are on Upwork and Guru are completely legit. Yes there might be a few that if they "sound too good to be true, then they probably are" but, 95% of them are completely legit. You just have to give them a try and apply for the ones that you have experience doing (like if you have CS experience apply for those jobs etc) Build up your resume and put it on each of the positions that you apply for and make sure that your resume is updated.

Working at home isn't all great and wonderful, it can be stressful at times as well and regardless of what some might think, it doesn't mean that you can just jump up and go do things like run errands or cook meals etc when you're on the job. Some if for example like my customer service position, sometimes yes I jump up and go do the dishes or go cook a meal or do something else BUT that's only because I know that usually at that time the calls are trickling in. Just because we work at home doesn't mean we can do whatever we want when we want. We DO actually work!

And with all that being said, I just logged out of my cs job a few minutes ago since my shift was over.

I wish you each the best of luck with your working at home adventure!!

If you have questions, leave a comment or email me. I have over 16 years of working at home so I know the "red flags" of the not legit and legit jobs.

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