Trying out the K12 online school

I have decided that since things were rough for my youngest son who is in 8th grade this year, to try the online school K12. So far I must say that they are EXTREMELY slow with confirming things and also for phone calls!!

I turned in all my paperwork within the same day that I originally applied to enroll my son and it took them 2 days just to say no you need to resubmit it! Then when I was told to call my PAL, I was ON HOLD for over an hour for a 5 minute conversation to tell me things that I had already read on the site and knew. So this is very very frustrating but we FINALLY got the chance to sign up for the conference and that won't be until next week b/c all of the spots for this week were full.

We are looking forward to getting started. I am absolutely amazed at how busy the TX Virtual Academy part of K12 is!!  I called the other day to find out exactly what "wait listed" meant and I got right through to a lady and she told me what it meant but unfortunately she was for another state and couldn't help me look in the account etc. But even she said that TX VA was HORRIBLE when it came to hold time when calling in!!

I understand that they get busy but I started a few weeks BEFORE school started and they are just now letting me choose the conference and even then I can't do it this week b/c they are FULL! My goodness!! And it kinda sucks that we are here in the Dallas area..would of thought that there would of been a place here in the Dallas area to do the interview/conference thing but nope we have to drive an hour away one way! Which I don't mind really but its just frustrating then that's another day off of work etc that we have to plan on.

So far I'm not too sure of what my opinion is of it..I just hope that it gets better and they get to moving along a little faster so that we can get started and move along. I don't like not knowing anything and just waiting when it comes to his learning etc.

So I will keep updating but its definitely going to be a new adventure for the two of us!


  1. This is a very poor start. I've had only one experience with home schooling. Australia, Correspondance School, 1972. Lessons were sent to our next stop on a round-the-country caravan trip. Fantastic. My teenage daugher achieved a scholarship to a nearby school when we returned to South Australia.
    Visiting from UBC.

  2. Best of luck with the school year. It's great that there are other options out there. I would like to home school my children as well. Have a wonderful school year!

  3. I am glad that I was never home schooled, nor would I want my children in the future to be!


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