Prince William says his son takes after..

Read here to find out more :)

I love the royals!! I really do! I think that these two are going to be wonderful parents and I am sure that Princess Diana is looking down smiling on them and the great job they are doing. I think its great that they are doing their own thing in raising the baby and not just what the royals expect and want them to do. 

Kate got her dad to take the first family photos of them and their dogs instead of a fancy photographer and I think that is just one of many things that is so great about them. Yes, I know that they are just humans like us, but, I think think that its wonderful the way that they carry themselves in front of others and I believe that they are good people and don't act one way out in public and another behind closed doors. I think that they are just down to earth both in front of everyone and behind closed doors.

Prince William thinks that the baby takes after his brother Harry :) How sweet is that?!


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