Disciplining Teenagers

I have 3 teenagers and one that is twenty. My soon to be 18 year old son is like any other teenager out there that is soon to be 18 and thinks that he knows it all and thinks that he can get away with being mouthy and getting attitude with me.

I have been going through a lot here lately, we all have BUT when it comes to disciplining the boys, I take away things that they are glued to otherwise and love, like his Kindle or whatever else he treasures at the moment like a cell phone etc.

What do you do when taking things away doesn't work? I'm thinking here more and more lately I liked it better when they were younger and it was time outs!! The attitudes that kids have these days regardless of what you try to teach them etc. they are STILL going to have attitudes and be mouthy because that is just what TEENS do!! Am I wrong for saying/thinking that??? Maybe I am.

I am a newly single mom and I love my kids more than anything in the world and there's nothing that I wouldn't do for any of them but, here lately the mouthy things  and attitude that is coming from him is just getting on my nerves more and more and I have patience. I have just been rung through the ringer lately and I expect my kids to have respect for me and to understand that a lot has happened just this month but that ALL of us have to deal with it and move forward but, he just seems to be wanting to act out more and more lately and its not just with me, its with others that he's around as well. They are seeing the bad attitude in him and just not sure how to take it and handle it.

What are some options out there that could help all of us? I know that he's acting out because of all the things that are happening and going on in our lives and I understand that and I have had patience and I have been lenient and letting some things go but here earlier tonight, I am done with just letting it go because of what were ALL going through!! It's NOT just him and its mostly me!

Is it wrong to think that he needs to go somewhere that will teach him RESPECT better then I have apparently taught him and to teach him discipline?

What have you done when your teens aren't listening and won't show you respect as a parent?


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