Get Out Alive - finale my thoughts

I loved this show. I watched it every Monday night from start to end. Although, I must say that the winners that he picked I disagree with. I think that the son and father team that was in the final 3 shouldn't of even of made it that far and the reason they did is only because they won immunity the day they screwed up bad. And the same with these two, the father daughter team. They screwed up too many times as well and they also got there butts saved when they won immunity on the day that they messed up big time so I think that should of been taken into effect and the 3rd team that made it to the finals, the team of 2 guys from Dallas, they should of won hands down!! The one guy was going through the whole show with an injury but, yet he kept pushing and going and going and helped everyone without thinking about it and they were just kick butt in the things that they did and as a whole. 

Congrats to the father daughter team that won but, I really don't think that was the best choice at all overall.


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