Big Brother - Go Judd & GM!!

I was a fan of Judd's when I started watching the show. And even though he went out ... he's back in!! Thank goodness that he won the challenge and is BACK IN THE HOUSE where he belongs!!

I want him to kick some butt and win tonight's HOH competition.

I had been going for Amanda in the beginning. Her and McCrea but since she has been turning into a crazy woman there is no way that I am going to be wanting her to take any more control of the game! She bullies and has really shown her true colors here lately and its just not to my liking!! I mean really?? She goes around the house and says really rude things about Elissa and blows a horn while doing so..yea she has ISSUES!! And poor McCrea! I am wanting him to leave her side and join Judd and GM that would be a good final 3...maybe them 3 with Elissa?

My thoughts on the guests have changed. At first I wasn't too into Elissa because she kept getting the secret nom thing and then once they stopped that then it was fun to see America voting and the HG's not realizing or knowing what was going on.

I'm not sure that GM is one of my "fave" HG's but right now there isn't anyone else that I want to go for. I liked Nick and Howard and they are gone so now its down to her I guess. I like McCrea but only if he helps to get out Amanda!! I don't like Andy because he just goes back and forth and is the floater this time around. Spencer I don't like because of his attitude and comments etc. And Elissa, well she's alright but, otherwise there isn't anyone else there that I care for. But GM better leave Nick alone once she's out of the house because good grief she had issues when he left crying and sobbing and keeping his stuff etc...yea issues!


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