What's going to happen on Big Brother tonight??

I have fallen in love with the show Big Brother! I remember watching it many years ago when the very very first one came on! Through the years I have missed a couple of seasons of it but, for the most part I am a huge fan and don't like missing it!

I absolutely LOVE that they let America do the voting for the MVP nominee this week. I have already picked out my favorites of who I want to make it to the top few and then the ones that just need to really GO HOME! Last week I was very happy with the choice of sending Jeremy's behind out the door!! He was just too full of himself to do any good in the house and was so full of himself that he didn't see what was rightfully coming...a blindside! He knew about it towards the last day or so but, before that he wasn't thinking that he would be going home but, so glad that he did!

Who are your top people that you want to see it make it to the end? I like Howard, I think that he messed up lying to Helen about the Moving Company alliance but I still like him. And I like McCrea too. I was liking Amanda but, now that she's been running her mouth some it just seems to me that she might be turning into a bully or something trying to put it in the head of the HoH who she wants out and has to get out etc. This week Judd didn't listen to her and didn't put up Howard so he better watch it b/c if Amanda wins HoH then he might be next on the block!

I use to like Helen but, now it feels as if she's a bit "fake" so I am no longer rooting for her. Judd, I'm not too sure..I like him but, is he a floater?

I can't wait to watch it tonight..love having it on 3 nights a week for relaxing!


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