Have you heard of Teespring? My Teespring review

There is a cool newer site out there in which I think is an excellent idea!! The company is called Teespring
And what this company does is, it lets you design your own t-shirts and sell them with NO upfront fees!!

It's a great idea for anyone that has maybe a fundraiser that they are trying to get money for or maybe they need money for a trip that a church is going on etc. Whatever your reason, you can surely raise some extra money by going to this site and checking it out!!

And did I mention that its FREE and no upfront costs? I went on there and played with the designer and made a t-shirt. There are tutorials where you can get help if needed or you can just mess around with it yourself and see what you come up with. And then once you have the design on your t-shirt that you are happy with, you promote it!! That easy. Set a deadline for however many t-shirts you want to sell and you set the price of each of them. Then just promote!!

And your customers aren't charged until you reach your goal and then they are charged and sent out the t-shirt soon after so there is nothing for you to  do as far as shipping etc.

This is awesome for ANY organization/business or anyone that wants to get the word out there about a cause that they are supporting etc.

Check it out today!! Teespring


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