How much work is not enough or too much? (working at home)

This is part of my series that I wanted to write about being a stay at home and work at home mom.
Before you start a work at home job, please make sure that you understand things like the pay and the hours that they expect you to work and if your going to be on hourly or commission etc pay. When you work on some sites such as elance, odesk and guru sometimes the clients expect you to always always log in to the tracker to keep exact minutes of your work, make sure you do that if that is one of there requirements, otherwise you won't be getting paid for that time if you aren't logged in!
Sometimes I feel as if I'm not working enough for me and my kids and then there are the times that I am maybe not spending enough family time and need to back off of work..
So here lately I have been going back to the taking off on Sunday's to spend with the family until later in the evening and then I have some time to get caught up on things before the busy Monday morning hits me.
When you work at home, some think ok well you get to work when you want and take a break anytime and take time for the family at any point etc. But sometimes you can't just up and stop working if your like me and doing certain tasks for a client like taking calls, you can't control the flow of calls so you can't just up and stop taking calls because someone decides to show up unannounced or because the kids just stepped in the door from school. Its hard working at home when you take it seriously and really do work from home as a bread winner for the family.
I have taken on a few clients in the past couple of weeks and I love it. I still have my virtual assistant client that has basically turned into a customer support client which I love and enjoy and is somewhat steady with 20 hours a week which is nice to have it steady or rather somewhat steady and getting paid weekly is great. Then I took up a client that I am an answering service for and I enjoy it. Its sporadic off and on during the day and not so much after the kids get home so I still have my evenings free for them. And I have taken up a third client for recruiting. That one is taking time to get use to and find out exactly what her needs are etc as we switched the tasks from one to another thing but I don't mind, fits my schedule sorta better although gotta say starting work at 7:30 in the morning is different then starting at 8 or 9. Not that much difference in time really but different in the sense of I have to get my stuff in order faster in the mornings. And then there is the 4th client which is one of my former clients that is needing off and on tasks done .. The great thing about her, its in the real estate field!! And I love love love the real estate field so that one is just now hopefully tomorrow going to get started again and will see where it goes also going to be 20 hours a week.
I also got involved with a paper and I absolutely love it and think that its a great idea and feel very thankful to have the chance to work with the guys that came up with it and are giving me a chance to expand here where I am and continue to help them expand and sale where they are as well. I am hiring my own Independent Contractors for those positions in sales and my oldest son who is 19 is helping me with expanding it around this area so hopefully that will kick off into high gear pretty soon!!
So with these clients I feel as if I am handling them very well as they all seem to have there pros and cons but mostly pros.
My time is open and flexible to each of them and I have it down who needs what and pretty much when so its a few clients but only still about 40 hours a week give or take and also half day sometimes on Saturday.
I feel that things are moving forward now in a great way for me and hopefully they will continue to move forward in a nice way and not too hit bumps for awhile..


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