Dealing with work at home sites like elance, odesk and guru

I use to work a lot more with and on odesk but here lately I have noticed that the jobs on there are just crappy!! They are repeat jobs that are "sounding too good to be true" and that usually means that they are..especially if they are on odesk.
ODesk has changed its policies and things throughout the years and right now I think that they need to go over a few things to stop all these fake clients posting too good to be true paying $20+ an hour jobs on there! I agree there are legit ones on there...I know this since I have worked on there years but this year especially they have really started going dramatically downhill with the jobs posted.
And you certainly need to remember that if you don't download and login on there tracker that you won't get paid for any work that isn't  tracked.
Elance, I love this site! They are pretty good and some of the clients, actually most of the ones that I'm dealing with on there, they don't require the tracker because the work is so sporadic that you can't really track it like the phone calls coming in so that is when we come up with our own hour tracking doc etc. Which is usually through Google docs and that helps a lot more then the tracker as each of us has a ton of things on our minds and sometimes can tend to forget to login for work!
Guru, they are pretty good as well. I like them but the one thing that I am going to complain about is the fees!!! They charge the workers/contractors (that's us) way way too much!! One week I made $200 but by the time that the stupid fees were taken out they had taken over $30 of my money that I worked hard for!!! That's a few hours and I worked it but yet they charge the contractors and took it!! Its like 12% or something like that, however much it is, its too much!! So me and my client got that handled and don't have to mess with the fees anymore which is a relief b/c I think that its crazy to be working that hard and then get hours taken off because of fees!
I can say this about all 3 of those sites, they are great at paying weekly!! ODesk pays just have to withdraw it yourself either by paypal or payoneer card (love that card) or bank account. I think it was either Tuesday or Wednesday nights when you could withdraw your money. Elance is great too. They pay on Friday's I believe it is (sometimes my clients pay earlier which is great) and it usually takes a day for the method of withdraw to process. And again you get to withdraw your funds when the money is available or leave it in the account til next week or however you want to do it. I love the weekly thing though, very convenient.


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