Election could drag out for 2 weeks??!!

I usually don't say much about two things on my blog, one is religion and the second is politics..but right now..everywhere you look and read usually there is something about politics because of the election literally around the corner staring us in the face!!

Personally, I just want it to be over, said and done. Either way I just want it over! I know that its close, I know that now I know that it could go on for 2 weeks?? I watched a video on yahoo earlier that said the nightmare of this election could last 2 more weeks!! Ugh I don't know if I have the patience for it to continue on that long and like someone said, well at least the ads will be stopped and yes that's true I guess no more ads but its something that people are going to still be..well some "obsessing" over and then when it finally all comes down to it...there will be one if not both wanting a recount to make sure that its good and legit and all that...ugh I am so not looking forward to anything like that happening.

Regardless of whatever I want the results to be done and over the night that I thought it was going to be over..this coming Tuesday..not 2 weeks from now!

Yea ok I got that out there..just had to vent a tad bit on this..like I said I usually don't bring it up and talk about it but this one .. Its been going on long enough..lets just get it over with and done and then move on with the holidays and our everyday busy chaotic and sometimes stressful lives!
Have a great Sunday!!


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