Black Friday ads coming out already!!

Wow, I have been getting emails about Black Friday sale ads already! I can't believe it!! Well actually, yea I can but do I want too?? LOL..Whose ready for Black Friday?? I'm not at the moment but I will be by the time it gets here!! I am trying my best to not jump and get something and then regret it when I see it on sale for Black Friday. So I am trying to keep up with each ad and save things that I want/need to get and then compare prices etc and go for it!! I can't wait!!
I'm excited about it but at the same time scared! LOL..I want and need so much and not sure if everything is going to be on sale like I want them to be. I really think that all of them will be and then some things that I don't need or want will be too and then that is where I need control! I love this time of year to get people things and every now and again even something for myself!


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