ABC-October 9 - Write about an item you consider to be a family heirloom

Today's Autumn Blog Challenge is to write about an item that I consider a family heirloom. Well unfortunately for me, I don't have any in my family right now. I would of liked to of gotten a few things that my grandmother has and of my grandfather that passed away 12 years ago on the 11th of this month, but at this time my family isn't exactly on good terms. Haven't been for awhile off and on for a number of reasons.
My family (well maybe its just me with the family) don't agree on things and they choose to put me down and I have chose this year to not allow them to do that anymore, that this is my life and I am happy with the way that I have lived it and have raised my kids and therefore I won't allow my kids even though they are teenagers to associate with my family. After the kids are adults and out on there own, they are allowed to socialize or not with the family, that is up to them but right now they aren't.
My grandmother has so many things that could of been heirlooms that I could of passed on to my daughter and or sons.


  1. I can relate to you completely. Two years ago I decided I was no longer going to let my mother push her negativity and destructive behavior on my family and myself, so I cut her out of our lives. Not many people understand how you can do that with family but sometimes you just can't be dragged down anymore in life and you decide to change things. {Hugs to you}


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