ABC-October 8th: What are your comforts?

Autumn Blog Challenge (ABC) Oct. 8th - What are your comforts?

My comforts as far as people...are my kids. They always seem to comfort me when I'm in a mood to where they can tell I need to be comforted.

My friends - there are always a few friends around to comfort me when I'm feeling down.

As far as other things...blogging comforts me..I have a personal blog that I write in and it comforts me.

Music - Anytime anywhere for any emotions/feelings etc. music is always going and it always comforts me.

Other cat Bunnie :) She's my white calico cat and she is a joy to have around and always puts a smile on my face and comforts me when she cuddles with me. Its like she knows when I need to be loved on..She's my baby that is 5 years old. Spoiled!!


  1. My cats always bring me comfort as well. They sure are good at that!


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