Getting caught up

I am slowly but surely getting caught up with everything and will try to continue to keep on track!
Thoughts and prayers to everyone out there that is being faced with the crummy weather. We are getting it too but off and on and not so bad, just rain now and again.
Bee Gee's singer Robin Gibb, thoughts and prayers are going to him and his family as he lays in the hospital in a coma...I love the Bee Gee's and I hope and pray that he come out of it soon and can recover fast.
Yahoo groups - wow I have joined some great groups and these people like to share!! ALOT!!! My inbox is filling up as fast as I can clear it out some its filling up more! I am going to keep going through them and then I might have to do a mass delete to not lose anything important in the mix!
My new phone coming soon - hopefully I will get it in the beginning of the week. I am not patient with the mail and getting things fast these days! I want it now now NOW! So hopefully it won't take that long to get it shipped Monday morning I am hoping and then to me by Tuesday or Wednesday.
My daughter turning 15 tomorrow -  I can't believe that my innocent precious beautiful only little girl is already a teen, that was hard enough to take it but now she's going to be 15 and soon to be starting high school!! Where has the time gone?! She's a great girl, turning into a great young adult and I love her with all my heart.
Work - what can I was so stressful last week that I missed a day and ended up staying in bed all day and night with a massive migraine! That wasn't fun at all!! I am deciding that I will be taking more breaks during the day if needed to not get so stressed out and also blogging more to help with the stress, that usually relaxes me and I will be keeping on my music even if its on low to relax me, music always helps. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the clients and my team will listen to me and keep better contact and update me more often as I ask or I am going to end up letting them go as I don't want a repeat of last week this week or any other week!!


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