Decorating my living room

I am planning to re-decorate my living room. I have my living room set finally so now its time to get the blinds which I have but haven't put them up because they aren't as long as what they need to be so I am going to get new ones that will look a lot better then the ones that I have now and I am trying to figure out what kind..they have such different ones and what color etc...then I am getting curtains too but I guess I need to figure out if I'm going to repaint the whole room or how I'm going too and what color...The room right now has the top half a beige color and then the bottom half brown...its not that ugly but I want to change it at least the bottom so that is what I am trying to trying to re-decorate everything...And then the curtains
I'm going to look through some blinds and colors and trying to figure out what to do and then post colors and see what others opinions are....I decided that I will start on the living room and go from there. I want an outside swing too. A porch swing would be great so that is on my list of things to get too.
First things room paint, then blinds/curtains, outside porch swing and replacement parts for the trampoline. And then I will do the hall way and then the kitchen, bathroom and my room then each of the kids rooms if they behave!
Have a great rest of the week


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