Blog Dare - Day 27 - You don't know me...

For this blog its called...You don't know me...You don't know me, so don't judge me is the first thing that came to my mind and then you don't know me so don't tell me what to do unless you have walked in my shoes.
I used to write daily in my journal and then that stopped..the writing I mean not blogging on the PC. Then I got into blogging and use to write daily about whatever came to my mind on my myspace blog and that's where I got the addiction so to speak for my writing and journaling again ... Blogging. I love to write about whatever and anything.
I used to want to write when I was younger. I wanted to write about the things that went on in my life and how I don't know my bio dad and how my mom kept it from me until after my grandfather died and I called my dad that was named on my birth certificate and he is the one that told me "you know that I'm not your bio dad right?!" well then that opened up a whole new chapter in my life that I had known nothing about and that makes me wonder..what if I wouldn't of gotten up the nerve to call him and talk to him would I of ever of learned that he wasn't my father? I didn't know him..never met him except when I was born and when I was a year that time my mom had divorced him after I spent my first birthday and Christmas in Germany.
So it wasn't until my last child/son was almost 2 years old that my grandfather died and then and there for some reason I decided to get ahold of the father that I thought I never knew and wanted to get to know..turns out he wasn't my dad..I guess he just was put down as my father on my BC because he was there and married to my mom...that's another blog for later on...


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