Blog Dare - Day 25 - My Grandparent's house...

Blog Dare - Day 25 - My Grandparents house was one of my favorite places to go to when I was a kid. There house was so pretty and everything was in place and there was never any dirt to clutter around. Everything was so perfect and in its place. So many pretties everywhere! She had the China cabinet in the formal dining room and all of her pretty dolls and things sitting on her bed in her 2 spare rooms and her other little pretty curio cabinets on the walls and the tables that had the pretties sitting there and on top of the TV. When I grew up and had babies and went over there she still had the pretties sitting around but it would make me so nervous with my little ones over there that they would accidentally break something or pick something up and drop it! They never did that I remember..they always seemed to listen really good to me back in the days when they were little so that's really good.
My grandmother has since moved out of the house that I used to go too and loved to spend time with them there. I haven't even been to her "new house" which was or is her last hubby's house in the Oklahoma City area. I only met that hubby once and then he was sad! I loved him he was a nice man that treated her good. BUt I will always remember her and my grandfather first one in that one house and all the memories there will never die..they are faded somewhat unless I think about them but I remember special times with each of them. I miss my grandfather, lost him to cancer when my youngest son was almost 2...its  been 11 years or so since he's been gone but I will always remember the special times that we had together. He use to let me sit in his lap in his blue work van and took me to his greenhouses and walked around there and talked and let me feed the ducks in the back at the pond when I was a little girl...missing him dearly! My grandmother is still around, saw her in Oct or so..will go visit her soon...


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