Manic Monday!!

Today started out chaotic and I have a feeling is going to be ending with lots of chaos still in tacked! Got the kids up and ready for school and on there way, cloudy day out which always makes it hard to stay up and keep going, so right after the kids left I hopped in the shower and enjoy a hot shower to help me feel better and wake up. Felt much better after the shower, might start taking the showers in the morning instead of at night before bed..hmm...came in here and started working around 8 and had my very short interview at 10, got hired, logged in to look around the system and will start working probably tomorrow 5 hours a day with Friday's and Sunday's off.
After getting the job for the company with the very very short interview, I like it that way! LOL...I was getting things ready and situated for my recruiters and the phone rings and it was my step daughter, I had just posted on my Facebook not to much earlier about her and hoping that she's doing good etc and then she calls me  We talked for about hour or so and she was telling about things and the signs and symptoms and things and it sounds to me like she will be having that baby anytime now excited for her!! She is due the 21st!! Thursday but I don't know if he will hang on until then I say today or tomorrow at the latest..but of course I could be wrong. Each of my kids were born on the due we will see how she does. Being her first, she could go through a pretty long labor and being that she has already been through braxton hix contractions back at the beginning of March...I don't know I think she will go in today or tomorrow at the latest. She was having pains this morning about once an hour or so and I think that its the signs of her getting ready to have him really really soon!
I can't wait to see pictures of him!! She told me that she would post pictures from the hospital before she leaves...she's in WV and were here in OK so we can't be there but I would be there if I could be!! I am excited and happy for her because at one point we/she didn't think that she was going to be able to have kids and so it was a shock when she found out that she was indeed pregnant!! She's had a rough pregnancy but she's strong and I know that she can do it and hopefully the baby will be a healthy baby and I know that he will be a sweetie and handsome!!


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